Collection: New Tablets

Our mission has always been to make the best plastic-free toothpaste tablets possible. And we've always aimed to listen to the customer.  After a year of honest feedback, consumer insight studies and lots of R&D we feel like we have created a new formulation and a larger tablet.  The tablet is about 75% larger than our original version, and we've added a new all-natural ingredient (derived from coconuts) that creates much more foam as you chew and brush. 

Also, in an ongoing effort to reduce our footprint, we are now offering a much smaller compostable pouch that holds about a month supply of the tablets (63 tablets). These are really cute too. 

And in an effort to keep your tablets fresh without worry, we are offering our refillable jars in a 2-month supply (126 tablets). Subscribe and Save and never worry about running out of toothpaste again.